20 Facts About Me

1. Ahmd Ibrhm is my pen name.

2. I wrote my first novel when i was form 3.

3. I'm short-sighted but refuse to wear glasses. I'm wearing contact lens, if you can tell.

4. I am a pre-university student majoring history and business.

5. I can't handle cats (as in mandikan ia).

6. I enjoy baking and cooking a lot.

7. I love the smell of new book. I love reading them too.

8. I don't have a girlfriend (if you're wondering haha).

9. I have unhealthy obsession over shoes & clothes. Maksudnya saya ni suka shopping, I have a cramped closet.

10. I hate stereotypical people. (in social psychology, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things.)

11. Saya failed JPJ driving test for the first try. Saya telah melanggar lampu merah iaitu kesalahan mandatori, second try saya lulus dengan jaya.

12. I don't drink coffee but I like the smell lingers. Tapi saya nak belajar minum kopi, kopi baik untuk kesihatan.

13. I think black and white tee (basics) is the best. And grey too. Saya jarang pakai red, burgundy, orange, tapi kalau pakai cantik pulak.

14. I'm not into sport but I am competitive.

15. I wanted to be a rapper.

16. I find tall girls attractive. Bukan tinggi abnormal, dan saya tak kata perempuan pendek unattractive.

17. I'm super untalented. Tapi banyak juga sijil penghargaan saya.

18. I don't really care what people say about me. Mereka boleh nasihatkan saya, tapi bukan menghakimi saya.

19. I am not chinese. Saya tak ada muka cina, tapi at first glance nampak macam cina.

20. Saya adalah saya. Selamat berkenalan.

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